How Do Seasoned Ravers Survive EDM Concerts?

If you have ever been to an EDM festival then you understand what we mean when we say that these are trips you live to remember throughout your life. From the endless tales of awe-inspiring DJ sets to dazzling light shows, tents or lack of sleeping places and all those other things, EDM concerts are as exciting as they are challenging to survive too. They are full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and OMG stories. They are also full of horror experiences too, especially when the weekend decides to take a wrong turn and everything goes awry.

So how do the seasoned revelers survive EDM concerts?

How do you survive the all-weekend exhaustion and still regale in the partying?

Don’t be the sulky reveler who attends one festival and swears never to step near another one again. Here are some of the EDM best practices that seasoned revelers adopt to stay in form all weekend and still remain energized enough to look forward to attend the next event miles away in another city.

Seasoned revelers know the importance of staying well hydrated at all times. Yes, we are talking about water here. A majority of festivals takes place in places with warm climates during some of the hottest months of the year. Many cities have at least one concert during summer. Having a bottle of water at hand all day long may just make the difference between enjoying the party and posting “worst experience ever” on your Facebook wall. Avoid overdosing yourself with energy drinks with lots of sugar. Take plenty of good old plain water and you’ll be fine.

You have a weather app in your phone or at least you can download one for free. We hardly ever give much to things like weather apps, but before you even start thinking of packing for an EDM festival, check what kind of weather you expect to find in the city hosting the festival. You’ll know what to pack if you can determine with a little accuracy what the weather will be like. Nothing ruins the party mood as being in the middle of a downpour with the skimpiest attire ever and cursing yourself for not packing that poncho. Take time to check that weather app before you leave home.

Many festivals take place between April and September which are months of unpredictable weather conditions. The best you can do for yourself when attending one of these festivals is to dress in layers so you can cope with changing weather conditions. A good plan is to begin the day in warm gear then shed off the warm items in the afternoon depending on the weather, and finally rave in your tank and shorts when the night sets in. Remember, you may have to get back to the warm stuff late at night when it gets cooler. The trick is to be prepared for the entire day and night.
Many festivals don’t allow you to enter the venue lugging a suitcase or large bag around. If you have one of those fanny packs that were popular back in the 90s, and are surprisingly back in fashion, you can pack a few essentials that you’ll need and get into the festival without a problem. Fanny packs are allowed in festivals. Don’t forget to carry your IDs or passport, especially if you will fly abroad to attend a festival, and a few other things such as eye glasses and phone. The pack is safer too than walking into the venue with pockets bulging with your necessities. Most revelers still look trendy with their rave gear tied to their waist and a fanny pack on their chest.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran reveler or a newbie, but being prepared to have fun and a great time of your life is a must if you want to enjoy the festival. Carry along your best mood and a smile. Don’t forget to carry along your rave footwear including LED light up shoes to maximize your reveling experience.

That is how seasoned revelers stay in shape and have fun all weekend non-stop.